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Our vision at Owl Stage and Design is to make you "shine." Your place is a reflection of you, and impressions matter!


At Owl Stage and Design, we work with you to create a place that is a perfect reflection of you, a beautiful space to inspire others to love your place. A space that all will say "this is the place that I envisioned; this is a perfect reflection of me!"


Perfect your vision today...Impress and "shine" with Owl Stage and Design!

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Want to get top dollar for your home?


Owl Stage and Design’s home staging and preparation services is the first step in connecting buyers to your home.  Did you know that over 90% of buyers search on line prior to visiting a home?  At Owl Stage and Design, our goal is to repackage your home as a valuable “product.”  We want to make sure buyers develop an “emotional attachment” to your home and lifestyle, because only then do they decide to bring an offer.  We will create fantastic online photos to connect buyers to your home, create traffic and promote offers.


Owl Stage and Design specializes in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, RTP and surrounding areas and we understand the buyer demographic and real estate market for each of these areas.


Want to love the look of your home?


Owl Stage and Design’s interior styling services connects your family to each space in your home by creating a place that is organized, beautiful, stress-free and the perfect reflection of you!


How do we accomplish this?  At Owl Stage and Design, we use proven techniques based on the principles of design and transforming space.  We use what you already have in a new and fresh way, while incorporating tried and true decorating rules throughout the home, so that when you step into your house you “feel home.”


What exactly do we do?  Owl Stage and Design uses a combination of eight elements for the “feel home” philosophy, in order to create a home you will love!  The “feel home” redesign philosophy focuses on:  First impressions, eliminating clutter, emphasizing the positives, lightening up, home owners appeal, obligation to yourself, modernizing, and creating “emotional connection points.”


How does this benefit you?  Whether your goal is to stay or sell your home, Owl Stage and Design transformations will maximize the value of your home; thus, raising the demand and price of your home, enabling you to sell your home in less time for more profit.  Our proven techniques will save you time, space, money and energy.  Our staging and redesign program equals less stress and worry for you.  Our vision at Owl Stage and Design is to make you “shine.”


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